Jason Bond is the trading phenom behind “Weekly Windfalls”, “Jason Bond Picks” and “Smoke Signals”. Jason’s Bond’s trading strategy is world renown as thousands of traders have attended his webinars and completed his lessons. Jason Bond training is second to none because he started as a physical education teacher making a modest salary, and grew his net worth to become a multi-millionaire. Jason Bond’s training sessions are one of his most popular and well-reviewed educational initiatives.

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Swing Trade Scanning Made Simple With Jason Bond Picks

Swing Trading Alerts:

This is my flagship service and core strategy in which you’ll receive up to 10 swing trade alerts per week by text and email in real-time. I also spend a considerable amount of time teaching this strategy. Portfolio allocation can be as high at 50% here but usually I’m around 20-30% of the portfolio in each trade.

Almost all of the alerts come from my daily watch list. In predictable markets my daily watch list goes out the night before, in volatile markets early the morning of. The goal is to provide working professionals with an active swing trading strategy designed to produce profits year in and year out simply trading up to 10 times per week with 1 – 4 day hold times.

I specialize in liquid nano, micro and small cap stocks i.e. anything under a market cap of $2 billion, a price between $.01 and $10 with a Beta of 1 or higher.

My profit goal is 5 – 20% on a swing trade, rinse and repeat. I’ll definitely let a bull ride for more than 20% but in general I’m paying myself around 5 – 10% on the swings. Rarely do I hold through events in this service meaning I’m out for earnings, FDA rulings etc… Video lessons teaching the strategy are the foundation of this service so please study them.

Swing Trade Scanning Made Simple With Jason Bond Picks


“Sometimes you must cross a bridge and other times you need to burn it. But, always keep building one and never lose your faith in life.”
– Dodinsky

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
– Nelson Mandela

“Failure is often that early morning hour of darkness which precedes the dawning of the day of success.”
– Leigh Mitchell Hodges



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Bonds Explained for Beginners | Bond Trading 101

A bond is a type of loan issued to some type of entity such as a business or government by an investor. It’s similar to borrowing money from a lender if you’ve ever purchased a home or car before. Sometimes businesses need more money than the banks will offer them, so they issue bonds as a way to raise more capital. Governments can also issue bonds when they need more money for things like roads or parks. Bonds are considered safer on the risk spectrum for investments, but they also typically carry a lower return.


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