Chuck Hughes Online – Trading Weekly Options

In this video, the Hughes Optioneering Team will explore their weekly option purchase strategy. Weekly options expire every Friday giving us 52 trade opportunities a year. One of the advantages of trading weekly options is that you can start small. You can trade a portfolio of 5 weekly options in different industries with a total investment of $270. The Team will display actual portfolios of weekly options that produced an average return of 82.7% and 83.6% over a one week period.

The Team normally rolls over options if the underlying stock/ETF is still on a Trading Weekly Options ‘buy’ signal. Rolling over profits has allowed us to reduce our cost basis and risk to zero for most of our weekly option trades.

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Chuck Hughes Online – Weekly Cash Payout Strategy


In this video, the Hughes Optioneering Team will explore their ETF Cash Payout Strategy. The strategy generates weekly cash income from the sale of call options on ETFs. If you collect a 2% weekly payout, you have the potential to collect a 100% cash payout over the course of one year. This can cover the original cost to purchase one hundred shares of the ETF. If you collect a 100% cash payout a lot can go wrong, and your trade will still be profitable.

The strategy is easy to implement in a standard brokerage account, and you only need a $3,500 trading account to get started. We focus on ETF’s that generate a 2 to 3% cash payout each week. This allows us to collect cash payouts over the course of one year, that exceed the original cost basis to purchase 100 shares of the ETF.

The weekly covered call strategy only takes about 20 minutes a week to implement and incurs less risk than a buy and hold strategy. Learn how you can start collecting weekly cash income from this low-risk strategy.

ETF Covered Call Strategy


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