Demo trading (no registration needed) –
Hello dear, We have to set the following indicators: SMA period 100, EMA period 100, Awesome Oscillator 100,7.. Just remember that we will need candles on 5 seconds and trade 3 minutes.
Trading currencies is a popular way to trade binary options. many traders are searching for the perfect time to invest in a binary option based on currencies. To understand why and how, let me take a look at the three stock exchanges with the highest volume of currency trading: London, New York, and Tokyo. The opening hours of the three major stock exchanges overlap at some points: London: 03:00, New York: 08:00, Tokyo: 19:00. The best time to trade currencies and to use this kind of strategy is from 08:00 to 12:00 EST, when the European markets and the American markets overlap. To a little lesser extent, the time from 03:00 to 04:00 EST, when Tokyo and the European markets overlap, also provide a good trading environment.
Depending where you live the perfect market environment might require you to get up in the middle of the night.
If you are new to binary options You probably have difficulty finding out where to start. It is very common for new traders to be confused. You will not have to wait long before you can start trading. With a demo account you can start right now with no risk at all. Of course you will not be able to win anything either – but demo accounts are a great way to get to know the game before you bet on it.
So, If you work hardly, it will not take too long to get an experienced trader. At this period I use two brokers and they are: IQ Option and Expert Option. I really love both of them and suggest you to trade on them. I will link demo link below the video. So, do not waste a time.